Welcome to the GCF

The University of Oxford GCF (Graduate Christian Forum)* exists to be a conversation space for post-grads from all across the Christian community in Oxford to come together and think with one another about what it means to be a Christian engaging in academic pursuits: how our faith shapes our academic disciplines, and the other way around.

During term time we have a Monday night speaker series, normally held in the Mitre pub (map here), at 7:30pm.  Upcoming talks are listed on our term card here.  Click the ‘talks’ tab above to hear previous talks.  We have a growing selection of fascinating talks in which leading thinkers and academics engage their research with their Christian faith.

The GCF is supported by a council of advisors, and is inspired by these beliefs.  Read more about the GCF here.

*The GCF was previously known as the GCU (Graduate Christian Union), which remains as the overall name; the use of ‘forum’ better describes what we do on our Monday evening talks and discussions (which are different to the things described by undergraduate organisations using the term ‘Christian Union’ in the UK).  The GCF is the same as the GCU; it’s just got a slightly updated name.


Revd Dr Jonathan Brant: Faith and Film

Revd Dr Jonathan Brant, Oxford Pastorate Chaplain, on Faith and Film  GCF, Hilary Term ’14, Wk 5.   To download, right click on the link below and ‘save target as’: Revd Dr Jonathan Brant

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Roger Revell. Rethinking the Sabbath: an instrument of redemption

GCF Hilary ’14, Week 1 Roger Revell. Rethinking the Sabbath: an instrument of redemption  Right click here and ‘save link as’ to download the talk.

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